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Theology Seminar - Dec. 15-16

By Murray McLellan in Grace Fellowship about 1 year ago | 499 views
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Join us for our latest Theology Seminar on Friday, Dec. 15th from 7 – 9 pm; and Saturday, Dec. 16th from 9 am to 12 noon.

We will be looking at the glorious nature and character of our holy God – the first part of the story of God.

( God – Creation – Rebellion – Promise – Redemption – Co-mission – New Creation )

May this time together increase our love and awe of the God who not only created us for himself, but also redeemed us in an amazing act of self-sacrifice.  This time together will be interactive, providing a great opportunity for questions you might have.  

I truly believe the better we know God – the more we will love him and worship him above all.

Please pre-register.  The only cost is the committment to come for both days – as each section will build on the next.  

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Discussion about this event

Brett Husky on 12/06/2017

this is coming up fast

David Armstrong on 12/11/2017

Was blessed by the last seminar and am looking forward to see what God has in store this time. This is a great means of grace right here!

Barbara Tymchak on 12/12/2017

Hi Murray

Zane and I are thinking of coming to the Theology seminar on Friday and Saturday….

Just giving you a heads up.

Will confirm nearer the end of the week.


Murray McLellan on 12/12/2017

Thanks, Barb!  Hope you can make it.  

Kendall Manz on 12/12/2017

We’ll be bringing Peyton with us.

Barbara Tymchak on 12/15/2017

Hi Murray

Just confirming that Zane and I will be coming tonight and 

tomorrow morning to the Theology seminar.

See you  in a little while.


Murray McLellan on 12/15/2017

See everyone soon!

Kendall Manz on 12/15/2017

Peyton is out – but kurt and I are still in! lol

Rachel Fan on 12/15/2017

I really want to go tomorrow even though I missed part today!!!! May I come?

Murray McLellan on 12/15/2017

For sure, Rachel!  We will try to give a brief review and “catch up” of what we covered tonight.  Hope to see you in the morning at 9 am.

Dec 15 – Dec 16
Friday – Saturday
7:00 pm – 12:00 pm
401 43rd St E
SK S7K 0V5
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12 people
are coming
Rachel Fan (1)

Barbara Tymchak (2)

Kendall Manz (2)

Jean José Rodríguez Vásquez (1)

Sam Whitehawk (1)

Alyza Mayerle (1)

Marie Campeau (1)

David Armstrong (1)

Scott Schroeder (1)

James MacMillan (1)

Murray McLellan (1)

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